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Partner/Marriage Quiz … do you really know me? February 18, 2009

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How much do you really know about your partner/spouse? With 10 simple questions you can have some fun and see …
1) What is my favorite color.
2) What is my favorite football team?
3) When was I born?
4) What is my favorite movie and actor?
5) What am I afraid of?
6) What was my first dogs name?
7) What is my favorite type of food?
8) Where am I really from?
9) What two things do I do when I am nervous or angry?
10) When did I love my Virginity? Age?


How can I help affect change! January 20, 2009

I will be sharing different ways for you to help others and your community.

Starbucks “I’m In” Challenge – – Pledge 5 hours in your community.


New Update – January 19th … Searching for a home! January 19, 2009

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It is fun to look for a new home, it is not fun to try to figure out where you are, find the home you like and then get back there on a different day.  Have a new plan of action before driving around trying to find what we found the day before, plan our house hunting online before we go!

Now it is finding a house we like with what we want/need; in a neighborhood we like (I like big trees); near where we go (I don’t like to drive a long way to everything).  We have narrowed down some areas.

Then the next big thing … selling our condo.  It is a great condo in a convenient area.  Anyone know anyone who needs/wants a condo in Dallas??


A new day … week … month … year … life! January 18, 2009

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As the United States is about to welcome a new president to the White House, I am inspired to move forward with some new things that I want in my life.  To stop letting the fear of disappointing others stop me from doing what I feel is right for me and my family.  In two days, Obama will ask each American to take responsibility for the lives that we all live and stop making excuses when things go wrong that we cause.  I am asking myself what do I need to do to move my life forward and stop living in the past.  To improve my life in ways that I may not have imagined before.  So today is my first post in my journey.  My first goal … a new home (not a “new” home, but a “new” home for us) … one with a little more room and a backyard for my growing puppy dog.  This will be be a fast goal to achieve, but it is one that will be fun to accomplish (because I am not going to let it stress me out).  Check back for more updates.  Post comments with your ideas about changing your life or examples of what you have accomplished.


Happy Birthday to me, why it is okay to celebrate yourself. December 28, 2008

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Today is my birthday.  Last night I celebrated it at a neighborhood bar with my husband and a whole bunch of people that I did not know.  I had a GREAT time meeting new people and some of them are definite friend material.  We found things that we had in common, interests, experiences, etc.  We helped each other out, celebrated in our little victories (we were at a sports bar) and at midnight, celebrated my birthday.

As I thought about past birthdays I realized that the reason not all of them were enjoyable was because I was not celebrating the right thing.  Your birthday is not about celebrating a particular day but celebrating yourself.  It is a day to celebrate who you are and what you do in life.  People need to be proud of who they are and their birthday is the day to say to everyone, this is the person that I am and I am happy with it.  It does not mean there are things you would not change but being happy with who you are at that moment is something that it can take a lifetime for some people to be.  Don’t let it take a lifetime.  Celebrate yourself …. and one more thought, do it each day, not just your birthday.


Customer Service – Symptoms of a Failing Culture? December 26, 2008

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As we are completing the Christmas season where most of us spent too much time in retail stores, I wanted to get some feedback on what everyone thought was the status of customer service in the US.    So here is the question:  Is customer service getting worse?  Is this a symptom of our culture treating people worse and worse, any overall lack of respect?

Please provide any real life instances where you received great customer service or bad customer service.

I look forward to hearing everyone’s opinions on this.


Hello world! December 25, 2008

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Hello world!  It is not Margaret (for those of you old enough to get this, congrats).  So my New Year’s Resolution is to focus my creative energy (that drives the people I live with crazy) into blogging so I can drive complete strangers crazy.  I decided to start a few days early because I had some extra time when my puppy fell asleep when we were supposed to go to the park.  More craziness later.